Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So our cities recent tavern robberies has made the Sun City West News. I imagine as there are so many Wisconsinites there, they feel the need to keep them informed. I received the clip and a little warning note from Dad regarding these recent robberies. He simply noted "don't try to be a hero or anything". Apparently my Dad doesn't recall that my bark is way bigger than my bite. First of all I have to say that after I wet my pants I'd probably hand over my money. Not the hidden away stuff, just the stuff in my wallet. I know for a fact that I'd be pissed as hell that some low life scum had the nerve to take money that he didn't earn.

The police want our help in this matter, however they do not want you to take matters into your own hands. They do not want anymore shootings or deaths as a result of these robberies. That's only because if a civilian or owner would shoot the scum they would be the one's going to jail. We all know that the robbers would be defended by some out for a buck lawyer. They would be the "victims" not the person who tried to defend their property. Just like the guy in Racine who tried to prevent the kids from stealing his girlfriends car. Maybe he shouldn't have shot them (I don't really believe in shooting) but I also don't believe that he was "waiting for something like this to happen so he could take out his aggression on someone". I guess whatever the case, something is wrong with the outcome of that trial.

So to all my fellow bar visitors, I warn you to watch out for the three guys with the masks or hoods. Carry only the money that you think you'll need. You're probably good for a bar tab if you frequent the place enough and:
Please don't try to be a hero. I wouldn't want to make a trip to the State Prison to visit any of you.

I could use a beer right now...some not so smart person bought my neice a book of knock knock jokes and I have already paid her .25 to stop.

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