Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Silence Is Golden

I had to work until 5 today and was wondering what to expect when I got home. In my mind all I wanted to do was come home, drink my after work diet Coke, look at the mail, check out the fridge (nothing ever interesting in there) and just be alone for a little while. Last night I walked into boarder brother and the girl with 1000 knock-knock jokes. I was hoping for a non-repeat of yesterday. My wish came true. A had gone over to help my brother with his basement project, my cold diet coke was waiting for me, nothing of interest came in the mail, nothing new appeared in the fridge and my house is dead silent. To top it off my magic chute must be working. Either that or I am loosing my mind and have no recollection of doing some laundry last night or this morning.

I've been trying to figure out why I've been in such a good mood lately. Could it be the morning glass of orange juice and vitamins? Could it be the change in the diet? I seriously have this " I don't care" attitude going on. I still have Christmas stuff around my house. Maybe if I put it away my mood will change to a depressing one. I was even trying to answer the jokes last night. As an eight year old I'm sure she thought they were funny and she was trying so hard to stump me.

My next big decision tonight will be what to eat for dinner. I hate left-over anything so that wipes out about 4 things in there in containers. Someone seems to have devoured all the lunch meat so that's out. There's some pizza creation that I think my husband made before he left today. To assure I would not eat it he seems to have put some green peppers on it, so that's out. I could really go for a salad but that's useless without lettuce. I am in a total dilemma here. I'm already home so it's to cold to go back out and get anything. This is why tonight when I win the Powerball I will be hiring a cook ( and maybe a pool boy).

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