Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here's To You

In a little less than 9 hours I will be with friends ringing in the New Year. This is if I survive the "Drinko" game that someone is bringing. The past few New Year's celebrations have been mild. I guess I can contribute that to getting older and a little more sensible. I can also say a big part of it is when we have to drive home on New Years Eve, we tend to take it a little easier.

In the past we used to head up to Door County for New Years Eve/Day and seeing that there was no driving involved we would not worry to much about the drinking part. We had stayed in a Condo a few years in a row and walking from the "Party Room" to our condo usually was without incident unless of course we count the time that A took everyone on the lakefront tour back to the condo. Or the time my brothers though giving their sister a 1 am face wash in the snow covered parking lot would be funny.

Most of my funny New Years involve my husband. A few years ago we stayed home New Years Eve for a party at the bar but headed up to Green Bay the next morning. A was in rough shape and sat in the passenger seat moaning most of the way. We are no longer welcome in the Manitowoc Hardees due to him overflowing their toilet.

Then there's the New Years from Hell when we were in Door County on the Eve and headed to Green Bay the next morning. To kill time we stopped at a Winery for some tasting and a little purchase of wine (5.99). We left only to find that we we're leaving. One dead truck. One very expensive weekend. The guys got the truck running the next morning only to find out the freeways were closed due to a massive snow storm and we weren't going anywhere. All totaled my $5.99 bottle of wine cost us over $600.00. We must also include my loss of Holiday pay for being stranded.

How about the New Years in Reedsburg where J cleared the gift shop of any unwanted riff-raff ( and us) and Randy made some new friends that could win the "wierd couple of the year award". The totally drunken Packer Game at the bowling alley next door to the hotel, followed by a dinner of chared Ribeye steak. The one bite almost ruined my taste for Ribeye's forever.

All in all there have been some great New Years Celebrations. Barring a few minor issues this has been a good year. I feel fortunate that all my friends and family are safe and in good health.

Here's to wishing you all a Safe and Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to both of you.
I'll try to be 'better' in the coming year.
Heh-Heh...I said 'coming'.

Anonymous said...

holy shit---I left a comment aready. (01-01-07/7:40am)