Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Burn it out J

We just got over an extremly busy weekend. My grandson's first football game was Saturday. They played their hearts out but ended up loosing by one point (missed the extra point on a touchdown. One injury throughout the entire game. One boy lost his tooth. Guess the tooth fairy will be extra good to him. The best part was having their coach tell them how proud he was of them for playing hard and playing like a team. Next game..Thursday night.
My nephew got married on Sunday. Yep, Sunday. But the boy is a good thinker and had tv's set up on the bar for the Packer Fans. The first half of the game saw many people around the tv. The second half saw the crowd thining. I did win a pool though. I thought I was going to go through the whole year donating to the Packer Pool like I did last year. The wedding had a few hiccups but turned out nice. I did embarrass myself a little but it was excused. I had this little battery operated tv on the table in front of me and my nephew got up to make a little speech right at the point of an interception and I had said a little loud "You have got to be kidding". OOPS. I did turn a little red but he saw what I was doing at the time. At least it wasn't when he was commenting on his beautiful bride or something.
I am so looking forward to camping this weekend. The weather is supposed to clear up and be nice. The Miller Lite may go down good. Hopefully J will be better by then, and I won't catch what she has. We were at the wedding and one minute she was fine and she came over to tell me they were leaving and she was all plugged up and not looking to good. She's been down with it since then. I recommended she try STBs remedy for a cold. Don't think she'll take me up on that one. Here's wishing her well. Who will read our camping trivia if she's not better?

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