Friday, September 08, 2006

The Reason I have an EX

We went with my son and grandson tonight to the final practice before the football games start. Interesting how so many kids were a no show. On Tuesday the coach went over the importance of them all being there tonight as game day jersey's were being given out and money was being collected for pictures. Through-out all the practices the coaches were pounding teamwork into their little noggins (loud enough for the parents to hear also), so it was a little disheartening to see so many no shows.
The team that Dylan plays on is Tampa Bay and while we were sitting there I mentioned to my son that maybe I would go in search of a Tampa Bay tee shirt in the morning. Got a chuckle out of him and then he proceeded to tell me that his father (my ex) had told him the day before that he needed to stop living vicarously through Dylan. I felt my blood begin to boil and told my son that I was quite proud of the fact that he has been at every practice and was also at every baseball game this season. He works with him a lot and it shows. He said all he wanted to do was let him go for the sports he wanted to and enjoy them. My ex showed up for one baseball game and has not yet shown up for football. It interfers with his after work social hour. When our kids were little A & I were the ones that took them to all the sports programs they were in. He'd sign them up for things and show up once in awhile. Usually long enough to be critical of the kids. I'd chuckle when my son would hit (he either struck out or got a home run every time he was at bat) he'd do the "that's my boy" thing. When he'd strike out he'd yell at him. No support there.
He also made the comment that Dylan would never make it into professional sports. He's seven! Whether he does or not, he enjoys what he's doing ,he's learning and I enjoy watching him. I asked him the other day what his favorite sport was and of course he answered football. His least favorite is soccer (he's got my genes I guess).

So tomorrow morning I will be doing something I never thought I'd do..Cheering for Tampa Bay.

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