Thursday, September 14, 2006

Purple Pimp

Apparently yesterday after work I wasn't too attentive. The report I got this morning from 2 co-workers was that standing by the bus stop on Watertown Plank Road near the freeway enterance was a man dressed quite fancy. I guess he was all decked out in a purple suit complete with top hat and walking stick. So I payed closer attention today while driving past and happen to catch who I believe to be the same man. Today he was in black and white and had a walking stick and top hat. I now have something to look forward too every day after work. Maybe we can play "Guess the Color of the Pimp's Clothing Today".
Tonight's football game was a win. Dylan was lined up against a kid that kept pulling on his jersey. After the third time Dylan chopped his arm away, grabbed the kid's jersey and sent him flying. There was some applause from the sideline. Guess he had enough. We have a problem though. One should not wear Spongebob briefs under their white football pants. He insists on wearing his "lucky" underwear. His parents are more upset about it then I am. I think it's funny. My son can't bring himself to go purchase tidie whities for his boy and has tried to get me to do it. I can't get it through his head that this Grandma does not purchase underwear for her grandchildren. Back in the day that must have been a standard gift from Grandparents because it seemed like every birthday and Christmas we got underwear. Yippeee!
Someday when I'm laying on the couch that may be one of the supressed things that come out.

Have a great weekend everyone! I just have to figure out how to keep the wasps out of my beer at camping.

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