Saturday, September 23, 2006


I read a letter to Dear Abby the other day from a woman who was engaged to be married soon. She states that her other half never calls her by her given name. He'll use her middle name or a pet name for her. She said she doesn't think he's called her by her real name since shortly after they began dating. So I've also noticed that my husband very rarely calls me by my name. I am "Dear" or just plain "my wife". Several times over the last day or so he's needed to find me in the house somewhere and just calls out "Hey Dear". A few weeks ago at a wedding I was introduced as "my wife". He's done that in the past only to have someone inquire as to whether or not I had a name. I totally expected him to say "yes, it's Dear". I wonder when he call's work for me if he asks for "Dear". I'm thinking that maybe to cure him of this habit I should come up with a really dorky pet name for him and use it until he get's the hint that I do have a name. Maybe Snookems, Schmokie or Honeybuns. I'll have to ponder this for awhile. I'm not really upset over the whole thing. When we first started dating he called me "Sugar" one time only. Never again after I told him you can't use a name on your new girlfriend that you used on a past girlfriend. That should be the dating rule. If you feel it's necessary to use a pet name you cannot re-use a name.
Dylan's team won today. It was a good, muddy game. I noticed through half of the first quarter that he was not muddy at all and told him that if he was working hard he'd have some mud. Guess I should have volunteered to wash his pants after that comment because he was coated. He played hard.
Is there any hope for the Packers tomorrow??

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Anonymous said...

When I had my bar a couple, who became REGULARS, were always xcalled 'Gopher'(his nickname) and 'Sweetie'(what he called her). I didn't learn their real names for sdeveral months.