Sunday, September 03, 2006


While driving home last night A and I were commenting on the downward spiral of gas prices. We had passed these stations earlier and noticed the prices had dropped 10 to 12 cents per gallon. On one corner we saw gas 13 cents cheaper than the station across the street, yet the higher priced station had at least 8 cars there while the lower priced station had one lonely car. Why? Maybe that's their regular station and they felt loyal. Hell, if I was at my regular station and saw the guy across the street selling for that much cheaper I'd beeline it across the street. Kind of like at State Fair where you walk a little further for a cheaper priced beer. Must be something about "name brand" vs "generic". Is there generic gas?

The news this morning had the explaination for the difference in prices between stations. Independently owned vs. Corporate owned.

I'm still brooding over not having gone to Arizona especially since they stopped at the best Mexican Resturant ever on Friday and were having the best pizza ever last night. None of them came out of the Casino's ready to retire but they had a good time.

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Anonymous said...

"Is there generic gas?" Be careful who you ask this question!!