Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Living with Two Boys

My life is always very interesting living with the "excuse" boys. Yesterday we were gone most of the day and when we got home I went into the basement and found 4 lights on and the chest freezer hanging wide open. Luckily I didn't have to much in there so it was still frozen. When I asked A about it he said he had gotten some ice out of there but was sure he closed it. I think he had a senior moment. Later on I found a package of light bulbs in the kitchen cabinet. Apparently they were left on the counter by A and when my brother went to put his cereal away also put the lightbulbs away. He admitted to it. The old lightbulb that A changed was in the kitchen sink, but he swears he threw it away. All this time I thought these misplaced things were all my doing, but I don't drink milk so why would I put it in the cupboard, I don't drink coffee so why would I put the coffee filter holder in the garbage and I don't usually keep sandwich bags in the fridge unless they have something in them. I must say they keep my on my toes.
For some stupid reason I stopped at Walmart after work today. Walmart has cheaper prices on some things but I ask myself everytime I go there why I do. I won't go near there after 7 at night or on the weekends at all. Today I stopped at 2pm and was drawn in by the lack of cars in the parking lot. Had to get a few things. Every fricking aisle I tried to go down was either full of browsers or had a pallet of stock in it. I think 80% of the people in the store were somewhat pitfully stupid. General rule of thumb when shopping is you move your cart over to the side if you need to look at a product and you do not dead stop in the middle of an aisle. I am the worlds most impatient shopper but having to be in the same store with these people just adds to my impatience. I always go throught the garden center checkout as it's quicker and I thought less people knew about it. Not so true today. 5 items and 25 minutes later I was free of the shopping trip from hell. The only thing that made it good was not running into my ex-sister-in-law.


Hey Jo said...

were you shopping with your hubby???

J. Gambino said...

At least no one was writing a check in front of you when you checked out. Where am I? What's the date?

Aleta said...

Yesterday it would have been "Can you spell Walmart"