Thursday, September 28, 2006

I've Been Told

I've been told that I'm going camping this weekend. I did try to get out of it by saying it was supposed to be a little nippy out this weekend and was called a whimp. I was told there was heat in the camper so I wouldn't be cold at night. I was told it would be okay during the day. I was told to pack warmer clothes but he doubted I'd need them. This is the same guy who will probably be shivering and curled up by the fire in two sweatshirts and his winter jacket.
On a lighter note I was told that it's 40 ounce weekend. The scary thing is I was also told that the 40 ouncers will be going into a cooler with a number on them and you'll then pick a number and drink that corresponding numbered bottle. I'm all about sticking with the Miller Lite. There's a little rumor that some people are not as predictable as me. Good Lord if it's Pabst I will be faking some kind of headach and early retreat. Maybe I'll smuggle a bottle of drinkable liquid into the camper prior to my retreat. I'll just have to hold the bladder until everyone goes to sleep.
So how cold do you supposed the bathroom/showers will be at 8 or 9 in the morning. Nothing like taking a shower when you're so fricking cold that the soap doesn't suds up. At least they do have hot water. I'll have to do the trick and wait until a lot of people have come and gone from the shower so you know the bathrooms nice and steamy.
Here's to everyone having a great weekend. Here's to the fellow campers who bombed out this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

do you have a problem with Pabst!!!???!!!