Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Have I Got Some Beef Sticks For You!

For all you that are going camping with us this weekend be prepared to eat a lot of beef and pepperoni sticks. Seems my husband and I don't communicate well (imagine that). We both went to Ray's Butcher Shoppe today and bought a pound of each. All I can say is they'll be real good in Bloody Mary's.
For once I wished I would have saved a bunch of vacation. We just got told at work today that we will be running no production on our line for the next week or so. There are things to do but not at a busy pace so the days drag. Ten hours a day is long enough in the first place. Guess we'll just have to enjoy the break as we'll be gearing up soon for a new line that's coming in.
I think it may have finally stopped raining, or at least the heavy down pours are over. I was next to some guy driving on Highway 100 yesterday who seemed to take joy in driving in the far right lane so he could drench every person who was walking by driving through every bit of standing water he could. I did feel a little sorry for the walkers as they were wet enough already. Pretty sure there wouldn't be much to talk about without all the jerks in this world.
Did I mention how ready I am for a weekend away?? Although we don't have as big of group as we usually do (I guess going to Green Bay excuses someone) we should have a good time. My latern filler is coming so we're pretty much set.
Here's to hoping J makes a full recovery by Friday.


Anonymous said...

"Have I got some beef sticks for you"---DAMN!!!! That's my line!!!!

Hey Jo said...

Have a good time and drink a bottle or two of wine for me.

I still win cuz I get a weekend away from hubby.

ps... watch out for bongo boy! He may be still living outside the park!