Friday, September 22, 2006


My immediate plan for today just didn't pan out. I spent much of my week thinking about how I needed to get out into the yard and do some major cleaning up. The flowers are somewhat still good but it's time to start pulling out the dead ones. I had one thing left to paint so I wanted to get it done before the snow flies. I guess Mother Nature had some different thoughts. The fact that the sky opened up and it poured for much of the morning put a major damper on anything I was going to do outside. Plan B took effect. Clean the house. Every few months I got through this thing where I cannot stand clutter. Even hidden clutter. 8 hours, 6 hefty bags and three large boxes later I was done. I had all the stuff either in the garbage or loaded in my truck to go to Goodwill.
One thing I found to be very interesting was when I tackeled the "tupperware" cabinet. I'm sure we all have one of those and I'm sure we all cuss Tupperware out. I sat on my kitchen floor and put a lid on every fricken plastic type container I have. I ran out of bowls before the lids. Where the hell did the bowls go? Are bowls like socks? I threw out every single extra lid.
When A got home and saw all the stuff I had in the car he got this sick look on his face. I had to assure him that I touched nothing of his. This man is a pack rat from the get go. Pretty much the entire basement is "his" except for this little tiny area I am allowed to have to do laundry. The funny thing is I pick on him for keeping every scrap of wood and screw, nut and whatever, but boy if you need something in haste he's got it. It may take him awhile to remember which bin or box he shoved it in but he'll come through. He transported everything to Goodwill, or so I think he did. I wouldn't be suprised to find it in the back of his truck.
So all in all I do feel quite accomplished today. Later on it the day I wondered what brought this cleaning frenzy on and it came to me: My mother is coming to town in 3 weeks. Enough said.

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Hey Jo said...

I so get the cleaning thing. Isn't that such a good feeling to be de-cluttered??

When hubby was gone, I went through and cleaned out a closet. I threw out some old smelly pillows that were stuffed in a bucket that I have no idea why ther were there. I am afraid to tackle my tupperware. I also need to find a place where I can some sort of storage containers for my good china. Right now it is open and I have alredy broken a cup. I seen these fabric holder thingys in a Betty Crocker catalog but by time I went to order, they went out of business. Just my luck.