Friday, September 01, 2006

It Was A 10

Had a little bonding today. It was the first day in quite sometime that my daughter had off on the same day as me and didn't have a million things to do. We made the plan last night to hit the zoo with her two girls and the grandson. He is one percise little guy. I told him last night to call me when he woke up but not before 9am. 9am my phone rang. One of the better deals Milwaukee has is the Zoo Pass. (I should get a kick-back for this advertising). This is my 3rd trip this year for quite a savings by buying the pass. I took some cash with me totally expecting to be dragged into the gift shop and to every food stand in the place. No gift shop was visited and we made it through the zoo with only purchasing one bag of popcorn and 3 sodas. It was the lunch afterwards at Oscars that was the most expensive part. All three of them had eyes bigger than their stomachs. This was probably one of the best times I've had with them . Very relaxing, no fighting just all around a perfect day.
Did I mention that it was senior day at the Zoo and my grandson asked if we could get any deals with me being along. I love his sincere honesty and the look on his face when my daughter told him I wasn't quite 65 yet. When I dropped him off he told me he was sorry and that I must not be very old, as he slept all the way home and I was still going.
Way to go again Packers!

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