Sunday, September 17, 2006

Giving Blood!

When we got to the Ranger Station to check into our site for this weekend's camping the ranger did this little chuckle and said "I hope your prepared for the mosquito's as they are bad". They've had quite a bit of rain out there which could somewhat explain that. We pulled our camper into our site and proceeded to start setting up only to look like we had some sort of jerking disorder from swatting at the little bastards. They were vicious. Of course all the bug spray was in the camper. Where else would one keep it? Connie saved the day by having a packet of lotion which the four of us shared which was enough to get by until we could pop the camper and get to the bug spray. We spent the entire weekend smoothered in various types of insect repellent. You had your of anything from floral scented for the ladies to deep woods Hunters type for the men. Of course if you broke any kind of sweat you would be reapplying. If you washed your hands you would be reapplying. Both nights they seemed to die down around 8pm or so. I guess if I would have sprayed my head then I wouldn't have a billion bites in my scalp right now.
Our group was a little smaller this time due to the lack of J who was ill, and the Wilson's. One went to the Packer Game and we do believe Jo just wanted a weekend at home without the hubbie. We did not do justice to the two usual full garbage bags of cans and bottles but Connie managed to kill a bottle of Hot Sex and Awesome Orange. I'm a little shocked that she shared with us. I also came home with 3/4 of the brownies I made. All in all it was an okay weekend. I was feeling a little faint for the amount of blood I gave to those nasty buggers. Did you know that they bark? STB can take credit for that one.

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