Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Can anyone explain to me how someone gets toothpaste on the ceiling? Big blob on my bathroom ceiling and it's not my brand (mine's red, this is green). Comes from the boarder. Weird but stupid things occur with him. Part of it is just plain stupidity and part is just lazy. He probably knows he did it but either doesn't care or didn't know how to wipe it off.
Did STB's favorite thing today after work. Went to the grocery store. I totally forgot that it was double coupon day. I had to go get chili fixings for camping this weekend, otherwise I'm sure there would have not been a trip this week. Every bitchy elderly person was in that store. Every aisle I went down had what appeared to be a meeting of some kind. It's not so hard to pull off to the side. I did not see any dirty white tee shirts and sweat pants , I think that comes after 5pm. I was at the deli and this little old man asked for ham. When the clerk inquired as to what kind he got all mean and said "just give me some ham". I think I would have given him the most expensive, but she did her job well and assisted him with a smile on her face.
Well I'm off to remove some toothpaste from my ceiling now. Everyone have a great evening. Happy bucket night.


StB said...

I was at the store last night as well. It was maybe the most uneventful time I ever had there. Except maybe for the 30 year chick with the 80 year old guy in the checkout. Yeah, she may have been his daughter but that would be no fun.

Anonymous said...

what is 'bucket night'?