Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not to Bad

While camping this weekend we thought back and discovered that we have not been on one camping trip this year where it hasn't rained. We haven't had any bad storms but we've had rain. Saturday afternoon A & I drove in to Oak Creek for Dylan's football game and it rained a little there. When we got back we heard stories of hail at the campsite. Later in the afternoon there was this lovely black cloud that shed some rain on us for a few minutes. That one had us under the canopy for a few minutes. I have to say that besides that the weather was nice. Today was tee shirt day. Maybe next year we should stay a few Sunday nights as the weather is usually picture perfect on Sunday.
There was Spam on the tripod this morning. Grossed me out as usual but the boys were happy. There was a Hawk circling over which I was sure was thinking there was a dead animal on our site but then must have spotted the Spam cooking. So yes, I against Pabst and Spam (DJW).
Once again we did not do justice to the two garbage bags. But then again the 40 ouncers seemed to be going down pretty good with the guys. Mine is unopened still. I don't think J drank her's either, but Connie was going to town on the Awesome Orange.
We had a good time, missed the people who weren't with us but there's still one more trip this year and there's always next year.

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djw said...

Pabst and Spam--the perfect meal.