Thursday, December 28, 2006

1 More Day

Why is it that when you have a short week at work it seems to take longer than working a normal work week? I'm working 5am-1pm this week and it's just dragging. We're all trying to make the best of it as it's pretty clear that it is the calm before the storm. Our new line is set to start up around the 3rd week in January. We had a little meeting the other day where the entire year was mapped out. It always looks good on paper. The problem is we are about 12 people short. By June or so they want to be on 3 shifts. Being one of the lowest in seniority I see myself once again going to an off shift. Hopefully the training of the new employees will go smoothly enough to be back to first shift within a few months. While my wonderful boss was explaining all this to me I could only let my mind wander back to my former employeer and how I asked for so many years to get off 3rd shift. It took quitting to get to first. I've become very comfortable where I am now and don't mind working an off shift once in awhile. I like the people I work with. At my former place there weren't to many people I liked. It was very political there. "Each for his own" would describe it perfectly.
At some point today I may venture out to Kohls to return someting. I've been told the stores are not bad. Right now I'm waiting for the receipt which boarder brother has. Something tells me that it may be lost and gone forever which sucks. I'm holding out for the weekend for the grocery store. I just need to get some things for New Years. I sent A for the shrimp today so hopefully that won't be gone by NYE. Speaking of fishy....I work right down the street from Empire Fish. These people need to resturcture their parking lot enterance situation. Trying to get across Watertown Plank Road when these fools are all flocking the store for the "King Crab legs or Catfish" is crazy. I don't think they're open on Saturday so by 1pm tomorrow they'll probably have the Wauwatosa Police Dept. out there directing traffic. I may take my video camera along tomorrow to get a shot at this cluster crazies.


StB said...

Just wait until you work a full week again. That will seem like a month.

Plus I would like to introduce you to this new concept. It is called a paragraph.

Anonymous said...

I've got a graph, so if you got a graph--between the two us of we have a pair-of-graphs.

You can't tell, but I am laughing my ass off right n.....oops, there it goes.