Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It was A good Day

The day was good. We started out with our kids and grandkids and a huge pile of gifts, some happy kids and nothing that has to go back. My son had put a guitar on his list and although I thought he was joking I did buy him one. There was a confused look on his face when he opened it, however when I gave him the receipt he didn't take it, saying he was going to watch the instructional tape that came with it and check it out. Maybe by next year him and A can have some little keyboard, guitar concert. We had gotten Dylan a hover craft that is supposed to work in the snow. I bought it when we had the blizzard thinking that it'd be fun on Christmas Day to take it outside, but being the dork I am I forgot to charge the battery. My dad played Santa and did a good job of fooling the little ones. There were doubts from the 8 and over kids. I think he may have had J fooled for a second or two.
There was way to much food and about 100 desserts. I'm pretty sure the rumbling stomachs came from the Polish Sausage and baked beans. It was really good to have my parents here, but hard to keep mom out of the kitchen so she could visit with her family. Thanks to J my dishes were done,and you'll all be happy to know that she did eat first. I'm just so glad that all went well and everyone left full and happy.
I need to mention that I did not get the Magic Bullet......I got the Rocket. Not the bullet from the sex party...the one from television that makes the smoothies and sauces. Boarder brother was eyeing it up thinking that he's going to create all kinds of smoothies and shakes when I'm not home.
Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas. I'm just so happy that I do not need to hit a store for returns or exchanges.

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J. Gambino said...

So you are saying that WASN'T Santa?
I am going back to bed!