Sunday, December 10, 2006


It's been a very busy weekend. A lot has been accomplished in this house. First off, our basement which somehow always manages to be a dumping ground has been cleaned. I have a small area in the basement behind the washer & dryer where I have a cabinet to store all the extra kitchen things that are not in every day use. If you count that and the laundry area of which I am allowed about a 10X8 area that's not much space in the basement. The rest of the entire basement has been taken over by my husband. Yesterday he went down to start the cleaning for Christmas project. For the past week or so he's had crap spread all over the basement having to do with outdoor decorating. I went downstairs and found him sitting by the bar just staring at the piles of stuff laying around. I'm all about cleaning as you go and putting things away when I'm done using them. We couldn't be more opposite in that way. I kind of looked at him for a few seconds and could just see the lines of stress on his face. He commented that he was just overwhelmed. I guess just sitting in that stool staring isn't going to make it all go away was my comment back. Some time later I hear some moving around and numerous trips outside to the garbage. I figured this was no where for me to be involved. He was on a roll and I wasn't stopping him. I went back down a few hours later and thought I was in someone else's basement. The pool table, which is to big for the area we have , was gone. That's been talked about for some time now. While he was upstairs I looked in the workshop area and the spare room just to see if everything got piled in there. All the rooms were clean. I complimented him on a nice job. He said there's just too much junk down here. I can't get blamed for that as the only thing I bring down is stuff for the freezer and laudry. I had to remind him that he seems to be the collecter of useless items. Some have come in handy, but I'm a firm believer that if you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it. Now I'm just afraid to look in the garage as I'm worried that it's all stacked in there.

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