Friday, December 22, 2006


The past few weeks I've noticed that my big toe seemed to be a little tender and hurt upon touch. In looking at it I couldn't see anything. There was no discoloration or marks of anything. At first I just thought it was from my steel-toed shoes. I looked on MD online and it didn't look anything like the ingrown toenail pictures they show in the pictures. But I thought I'd get it checked out. So I went to Dr. Louie Lapow my favorite doctor. Had to prepare myself mentally for this as I hate feet and I hate people touching my feet, but he's a good doctor and has some humor. I went yesterday. Dr. Louie confirmed that it was indeed an ingrown and prepared to "fix" it. The worst part was the numbing of the toe. I had to sit there for a few minutes to allow the shot to take effect and found it humerous that almost all his patients are 80 and over, coming in just to get their toenails cut. Apparently Medicare covers a once a month visit for that. I must keep that in mind for the future.
As the numbing was taking place the nurse was setting out several instruments. I still was not to nervouse. How much could this hurt? They kept my foot covered up while performing this simple procedure and I could feel a little pressure. Everything was going well until Dr. Louie held up this chunk of ugly nail and said "That was a nice sized chunk stuck in there". Blahhhh. I almost lost my orange I had for breakfast. He then wrapped this toe up and wrapped what looked like 50 feet of guaze on it. He was explaining that I'd need to soak it twice a day which brought me to laughter. He wanted an explaination on the laughter. I had to tell him that a few years back K & J's daughter had a boyfriend that was not quite right. He was soaking his feet for some reason and they discovered after he had done it a few times that he was using their dishpan. It's been a little standing joke for a few years. K will cringe when we mention it. So Dr. Louie had completed his procedure and asked me if I was going right home. I told him I had to run to Target and get a soaking bucket and he said "Just ask your brother if you can use his". Funny man I tell you. He assured me that I'd be okay but just to eleavate my foot for an hour or so when I got home. I did my Target thing and got home, took my shoe off to find the entire toe section of my sock a little soaked with blood. I may have spent a little more time at Target then he mentioned spending. There was a little cleanup needed.
By 4pm yesterday the numbing med's wore off and I was blessed with a throbbing member. Not like one in a romance novel. I guess I should say throbbing digit instead. Today the bandaid comes off and the soaking begins. I am remaining with my thoughts all along. "Feet are gross".

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