Friday, December 08, 2006

Wonder Woman??

I came to the conclusion today that I am not Wonder Woman. I'm just very stubborn and have never wanted to rely on anyone for help. Hence my trip to the attic today. We keep all our Christmas things up there. Today I was ready to set up my Christmas village. So rather than wait for A to come home from work I decided to do it alone. How hard could it be? So I put the dog in the basement as she has some crazy fetish about the attic. I'm not sure if she wants to go up there or just plant herself at the bottom of the attic steps. Up I went. Sorted through some bins until I found the correctly labeled ones and started backing down the stairs with the first one. Not bad. Round two. I went back up and started pulling the second one toward me. This one was heavy, but I figured if I leaned it toward me while backing down the steps it'd be no problem. I got about 4 steps down and felt the weight of bin number two. Crap, it was heavy. So I stood on the steps for a few seconds pondering whether to go back up or come down. I didn't want to bang it on the steps coming down as it was all glass stuff. This was my most extreme thought. If I drop this crap I'm going to be really pissed at myself. So I tried to get it back up and figured I'd wait. It wasn't budging. I started to picture myself laying at the bottom of the steps with this bin on top of me and A coming home. Beside the fact that it'd be freezing in the house he may not come into the house toward the attic. He'd probably figure I wasn't home and go downstairs. He wouldn't find me until he had to pee. Then I knew I'd get bitched at for going it alone. So once again I tried to push it back up. Nope, not going anywhere. So very slowly I took the next few steps down while holding my arms up to support this jumbo bin of breakable Christmas items. I felt the bottom step and was able to master getting this thing to the ground. Once I got over this event I thought "What the heck, I'll go back up for the rest of the stuff". My good senses took over and I promptly folded up the steps and closed the attic opening. No splattered wife on the floor to come home too.

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