Friday, December 15, 2006

"A Nice Family Christmas"

My parents are coming home for Christmas this year. They left for Arizona in January of 1993 and have been home for other occassions but not for Christmas. We've tried to get them to come but my mom has always said it's to cold. She must have broke down this year and finally said yes to Dad. This is a good feeling as they send the most presents and now they can witness the gift opening. The sad part about it is when I asked my Dad what made them change their minds this year he said "Well we probably don't have to many Christmas's left, so while we're still somewhat healthy and coherent we thought we'd come."
I received a card from my mom & dad yesterday and inside she wrote "Looking forward to a nice family Christmas". She underlined Nice. I tried to think back as to whether we'd ever had a "not nice" family Christmas. Couldn't think of one. As much as we may bicker about each other or have a little squabble, nothings lasted or ruined a Holiday or Birthday. We don't have any of this one person won't come if the other one's there thing going on. I'm glad for that. I know people who haven't talked to one of their siblings in years and just can't remember why because it's been so long. When my renter brother was married we weren't all that fond of his wife but we tolerated her for the kids and him. I think my lips still hurt from forcing a smile. They did fight on every Holiday. Maybe that's why he finally let the divorce thing go through. He finally saw what a Holiday was without her. So, at Mom's request we'll have a nice family Christmas. I think she may be a little shocked or overwhelmed at the gift opening. There is no structure in that. We just let them go wild. We suffer for it later hunting through all the wrapping paper for the little parts and gift cards.
I need to get moving today. I see stb is ahead of me. I have the tree up and the lights on it. Today may be the day to decorate it.

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J. Gambino said...

Just wait until I nail Mom in the back of the head with the wrapping paper ball. Nice huh? I'll show her nice.