Saturday, December 23, 2006


48 hours from now my house will be filled to the brim with my family. There will be two people missing, both nieces. Otherwise it would have been kind of fun to get a full group photo. The problem is I think we would have had to stand outside in the driveway to get everyone in. There will be the usual loud screeching of the kids when opening their gifts, (some adults also). My parents may have to step upstairs and it's been a few years since they have witnessed the craziness involved in the gift opening. Of course we'll have to keep the wrapping paper garbage for a few days for those lost gift cards and small peices of something or other. The preparation of some of the food has started. I somehow have to keep the nibbling of the Polish Sausage by A and brother under control.
Tomorrow night my husbands family is having a little get together. We really haven't had anything with them all together for a few years now. It was getting kind of rough on me to have one family one day and one the next. No one in his family seems to want to have Christmas. It's hard for his Mom to do it alone and things haven't been to well over at their house, so it'll be nice to see everyone at his sisters house this year.
I am finally starting to see the light. Gifts are all wrapped, food is bought, basement is cleaned and waiting. I was listening to some dumb lady on the radio yesterday who said that it's not necessary to clean your house for Christmas guest. They are interested in the food and gifts and company only, not what your home looks like. I wonder how they'd feel about peeing in some gross toilet or trying to find an uncluttered spot to sit in your living room or having to dig through a pile of dirty dishes to find a plate to eat on. Hmmm. What was she thinking? Not that you need to call in the Merry Maids or something but one could at least put forth some effort to make sure the dirty underwear are not laying on the bathroom floor or the garbage is not overflowing.
Tonight is out with friends. Should be a good time. I'm glad I got a lot of this stuff done ahead of time. I may want to sleep in tomorrow.

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