Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So I always though this time of the year was supposed to be cheerful. It's around the time of the year that you're supposed to look at those around you and give thanks for what you have , so on and so forth. Not that you shouldn't do that all year round but Christmas is supposed to bring out the best in people. Not so true. I have encountered way to many crabby people today. I may not always be the most cheerful person but I do try not to take my problems out on other people. I leave the home crap at home and leave the work crap at work. I bitch about my 25 minute ride home sometimes but if I didn't have that time to unwind poor A would take a lot more from me than he does. We had some crab ass people at work today. Then I went for gas on the way home and some crab ass guy was bitching at some woman next to him pumping gas. Then I go to the bank and some dumb broad is bitching at the teller. Went to Sentry for some "on Sale" ham only to be told that I needed to spend $25.00 to get the sale price. Doesn't say that in the ad. So the teller get's all snippy with me and calls the manager, only to find out that she was looking at the wrong ham in the ad. I shocked myself at staying calm through-out the whole thing. It was no skin off my bones. I would have put the stupid ham back and went to another store. I thought I was clear of crabbiness after that, but I did listen to A on the way home bitching about stupid people at his work. I tried to pay attention as he usually doesn't talk about work, but man he did not shut up from 76th and Rawson to 23rd and Grange.
So, I'm done with all these crab ass people. It's just not worth it to wallow in your crap and think that everyone else should join your parade.
(not that I didn't just sound like one in this post)

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StB said...

Why was the snow man smiling?