Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

Today is my last day off of work for the Holiday Season. 61/2 days flew by way to quick for me. We're only working 8 hours the rest of the week so it shouldn't be to bad. After work it's back to the doctor for the toe check. Look's fine to me but I guess they need to get another $20.00 co-pay out of me.
Isn't today "Boxing Day". I spent my day cleaning up a lot of stuff. I always like the day after Christmas as it prompts some good cleaning to get the new stuff in. This prompts a box to start for Goodwill or a hope chest for boarder brother. Since he lost just about every household item he had in the storage locker heist I started a pile for him. I got new dishes for Christmas, he got my old ones. I got new coffee cups, he got the old ones. I feel a little bad as there was quite a bit taken. I may start to stock up on some t.p., paper towels and things like that for him. Everything I buy may bring him one step closer to moving. A lottery windfall could be just the right answer now.
So, in all honesty I want to know what is the funkiest gift you received? And what is the best gift you received. Beside the fact that my family was all here, which was the best gift.....I received a beautiful "A" ornament from J which she has hidden on my tree. Eventually I will find it. I think she may have been upset that I was going to wear it on my shirt like Laverne.

Tonight is off to celebrate the birthday of A's neice who was born the day after Christmas. His sister managed to keep her pregnancy a secret right up until she went into labor and didn't make it to the hospital. She turns 13 today. Seems like yesterday when I got a phone call at 6am the day after Christmas from the sister-in-law who delivered her. Never a dull moment I tell you.


Anonymous said...

i know its an obviuos joke, but who are you calling a "Ho"?

J. Gambino said...

It is about 1/2 way up the tree. Just to the right of the middle.