Monday, December 04, 2006

Holy Headache

I woke up at 1 a.m. today with the worst possible headache one could have without their head actually exploding. First I was mad as I woke from a pretty sound sleep with this pain. Then I was mad because it hurt so fricken bad and I only had two hours to go before I had to get up for work. My first though was that A was for some reason squeezing my head. Once in awhile he must think I'm the dog or something because he'll rub my head in the middle of the night. Ticks me off as he usually gets his fingers all stuck in my hair and then pulls. What can I say, the man has some weird dreams. I took some asprin and tried to go back to sleep. Did the cold rag on the eyes thing and tossed and turned for two hours. At 3:15 I finally got up and tried to start my daily ritual of getting ready for work. I mananged to turn the shower on, before I called it quits and made the phone call. I then went back to bed. I managed a chuckle when A woke up and discovered I was still there. The look on his face was priceless. I've never overslept before so he was a little shocked, then looked okay when I told him I called in. I don't take sick days very often so in his sympathetic voice he asked me if he should call anyone. I slept for a few more hours and finally got up as this wasn't getting any better. I pondered taking the pain pills I have left from my surgery and went negative on that one.
I went to the front door to get the paper and was immediatly blinded by the sun on the white snow. No paper. I need to call those Journal people. This was worse than any hangover. The problem was, I wasn't hung over. We went to watch the game yesterday and in a 3 1/2 hour span I had 2 Bloody Mary's, 1 beer and two diet cokes. We went shopping after that and went home and did things around the house.
Now I have that dull ache that comes after a headache. My stomach has also been a little jumpy today. I'm pretty sure the worst is over, or at least I hope so. I have a vacation day tomorrow to go see the grandkids in their Christmas Concerts and a dentist appointment.
If anyone's interested Dylan showed me the Santa website yesterday. and you can write him a letter (it's kind of a fill in the blank thing). You can also find out if you're on the naughty list. He wanted to fill one out for me and when the age part came up he looked at me and said "you're about 35 right Grandma". I love him so much.

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