Tuesday, October 24, 2006

12 Down/36 to Go

One of four twelve hour days is now complete. I must admit except for the idioit that came in from 7pm until 3am all went well. The other day we received a little pep talk about working together and how QC would be expected to help out where ever we needed them. This guy does exactly what he's supposed to and then heads for the smoke room. He needs to take two samples an hour and thats what he does if we remind him. He took off on the forklift tonight and I could hear it beeping which means either the battery is dead or he's driving with the parking brake on. I asked him what was beeping and he said he thought the battery was dead but didn't know how to read the guage. It's pretty simple..it flashes at you when it's low. So he continues on into the warehouse and then comes back to tell me it's dead. Of course he's to dumb to change it. He is a walking disaster.
I held up pretty good until I walked outside and had to scrape my windows. You would think that the cold air would be a blast to your system and wake you up a little, but it did the opposite to me. I got that familiar groggy feeling that I haven't had since I left my old 3rd shift job. The problem is that now I drive 20 minutes home where that was a 7 minute ride. I always hated that "not fully awake" feeling. I don't want to slam a coke or mountain dew right before I leave as then I won't be able to sleep, which I think I will need to do now before I start typing like OMW.


StB said...

Hang in there little trooper. Maybe you should go to George Webbs afterwards. Have lunch with your boss!

djw said...

Hey---nooe types lke me