Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bam! There it goes

What else can you say about the Packers loss today! They had it right there. Maybe, just maybe they'll come back a little stronger after their Bye week.
On a lighter note Dylan's team made the play-offs. No comments were made by grandma this week during his kick. So I guess if I want to really watch a good football game, then I go to his games.
I think A may be almost done with the siding. As much as it drove me nuts to sit here all weekend, I knew it had to get done. Didn't think it would be really fair to go out for the game and leave him home pounding away, so being the dedicated wife I am, I stayed home. I did manage to get a lot of things done around the house. This is a good thing as Mom is coming next week. My younger brother is having hip replacement surgery Tuesday (runs in the family I guess) and my parents are coming to help him out. He's kind of a loner, so I'm betting that he'll be pulling out what's left of his hair as soon as he weans off the pain medication. All in all I'm sure he will appreciate their help as much as I did. I'm taking him to the hospital on Tuesday so I'll get to see it from the other side. I kept this goofy log from my first several weeks after my surgery and other than being uncomfortable at night and not able to sleep, I mostly talked about being bored. I was talking to him today and he relayed a story about going to this 1 hour class they have you take prior to the surgery. Either I didn't have this part or I just totally blocked it out, but he said they told him to get a pair of salad tongs. I asked him why, and I'm sorry I did.
They suggested that he wrap tp around them as he may have problems reaching back to wipe. The poor guy was convinced that this would have to happen. I assured him that his arm would reach without assistance from salad tongs. I did end the conversation in telling him that he should be sure to dispose of the tongs if he had to use them. Got a chuckle out of him.

Everyone have a great remainder of the day.

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