Wednesday, October 04, 2006


First of all I am not a fan of the Jerry Springer show. To me it's right up there with Cops. Just a bunch of red-neck, white trash people trying to make a buck. I am also not a fan or reality TV and rarely watch contest shows. (except a few game shows). Somehow I managed to get hooked on "Dancing With The Stars" these past few weeks. I was mainly watching for Sarah Evans but then became interested in Jerry. Apparently he came on the show because his daughter is getting married soon and he wanted to learn to Waltz. A few shows ago he got a horrible rating from the judges and if not for the fans calling in (I did NOT) he would not have made it to this week. He came out and did the Waltz last night and received a very good score. Sarah Evans did not. Both they're both on again, and depending on the fan vote she could be gone this week.
Then I found out today that I missed "Friday Night Lights" which I was told was very good. For some odd reason I thought it was on Friday (duh). Guess I should spend some time reading the Channel guide. It's just that television is not my top priority. I'm just so used to working messed up hours that I never got hooked on any one show. Thank God for reruns. I can look like a dork and talk about shows that you all saw months ago. I wouldn't even think of getting a DVR service as I probably have 500 hours of unwatched VHS tapes from shows I wanted to watch and taped.
Maybe I'll hole up this winter and watch some quality reruns.


Hey Jo said...

Don't worry... Friday Night Lights is also on tonite and I think tomorrow (cable channel not local).

It was a good show.

J. Gambino said...

We all know television is not your priority.

Your number one purpose is to keep your husband happy, fed, clothed with clean stuff, etc.