Sunday, October 15, 2006


Being the dedicated grandparent that I am, at 8:15 this morning I was at Dylan's playoff game. They won their game and now are off to the Superbowl next weekend. They will be playing the best team in the league. Their coach told us this morning the he's going to have to purchase more Pepto & Tums for this game. We got a good laugh hearing from his wife about how he got up at 4am this morning and started downing the Pepto. I think we may have heard the last of the loudest screaming parent on the opposing team. Two weeks ago she lost her voice in the 4th quarter. This week she was screaming her head off until the end. At one point she started screaming to her "Cowboys" to sack the quarterback. The Cowboys had the ball. Got a good chuckle out of that one.
We went to a very interesting wedding last night. It was Latino/white. Quite a mixture of food, too bad I couldn't taste anything. I thought for sure they would have had chips & Salsa on the tables, but no. When the band started they did the traditional garter, bouquet thing, bridal dance and other traditional things. Then they started the regular music/dancing part of the evening. One Latino dance, one whatever, one latino, one whatever...for the remainder of the time we were there. For a minute I felt like we were watching West Side Story. "Hey white boy, don't come on the floor for our music". But of course you always have the one drunk white guy that thinks he can dance to anything. Then there's my brother-in-law who was out there for one dance and came back and announced to his wife and I that he thinks he has wasted his time learning other dances...Latino dancing is his thing he says. I contained myself very well.
We were home by 10. I couldn't taste my beer so it wasn't worth drinking.

OMW seems to think he was very funny this morning and left as many comments on my blog as he does on his own blog. He thought it would make me feel really popular. At least I could understand them.

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djw said...

Sorry. It doesn't seem as funny in the light of sobriety.