Saturday, October 28, 2006


We weren't so lucky today. We ended up working until 1am. I'm so tired I didn't want to stop for a beer. Yes, you read that correctly. The thought was there but then I started thinking about all the things I need to get done and I came home. Tonight dragged by.
When I came home Friday a.m. the light bulb in the dining room was burnt out. It's some funky ceiling fan light fixture that I won't mess with, but I wondered if it was out earlier and someone just didn't want to replace it. So today before I left for work I hung a box of lightbulbs off the chain for the fixture. Low and behold when I got home tonight the bulb was changed. I made a comment to A about getting the hint and my boarder brother brilliantly says" Next time you want pork chops A just hang them off the oven door". So I chuckled a tad and A said to him " David, why do you mess with her. You just love to live in danger". So I now have this great idea to hang the "for rent" section of the newspaper on his bedroom door in the morning.
Well I am now free for the next 52 hours (clock back). Next week shouldn't be so bad as I'm back on days and am only scheduled to be on a line for one day. If all works out I will be going to the company that is making our new line for training the remainder of the week.
I now intend to go and get some much needed sleep.

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djw said...

You HAVE TO hang the paper on the door---Classic.

I wish the woman I met at the bar tonight would have been "free for the next 52 hours".