Friday, October 06, 2006

5 Million Nails

Today I took on the task of painting our living room. One wall in our livingroom was paneled. It wasn't a bad color and it was in good shape but it was outdated and time to go. So I worked on the other three walls and waited for A to get home and take it down. It was put up by my father and as I found out today also my ex-husband. That shocked me as I have no memory of him ever helping my dad with anything. I must have blocked that one out. My boarder brother was around to help with this and also give us the history of installation day. He's got quite a memory and probably should write a family journal. Anyways we start to take down this paneling and find it is put up with nails on the end seam of each panel, but every fricken 6 inches apart. I guess he meant it to be there forever. I called Dad in the midst of this and told him we were calling a truck to haul away the nails. The bad part was then patching all the nail holes. They were little, but they would show if not patched. As we were taking this down I gave instruction to take it all to the garbage. We have no use what-so-ever for this paneling.
It is now 10 pm and I started this at 9am this morning. I did stop for about an hour to prepare a yummy dinner for A. Lassagne was good. I haven't made it for a long time and the poor guys eye's just lit up when he saw it.
The last brush has now been washed. Beside the fact that my house is in a shambles right now and I'm dead tired I really want a beer. So I think I am going to take a hike downstairs and see what A is up to and sit at his bar and have me a beer. I bet he snuck that paneling back in the house and has some crafty plan for it.

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djw said...

This is just for you two.

Noone has seen the inside of my house inover 10 years. But to help you guys feel better with the work you are doing, and to help you see how it is worth it, I will let you lookm into the windows of my hoiuse and see hyow bwd things coulod be.