Sunday, October 29, 2006


Some people would question me about being normal, but I am back to normal hours this week. I no longer have to live the life of a vampire. The hour set back in time gave me one extra hour of sleep last night. I would like to say straight through but apparently my bladder can't last 10 hours at a time.
Good Packer game. Best commerical I saw was the Southwest Airlines bank commercial. Stupidist announcer comment I heard was "Al Harris just pulled that one right out of his...pocket." It was a little funny watching Brett attempt the leap. And I won in the pool at work. All is good now.
I found a use for my boarder today. He handed out candy. I watched the game. A and I went to my sisters afterwards to walk with her girls and our two granddaughters for Trick or Treating. Their subdivision goes all out for Halloween. As I kid I remember leaving the house at the designated time and returning once to empty my bag and going out again. These kids were done after an hour. Not that they need all that candy, but it was more like a chore to some of the kids we saw along the way. Like the parents were forcing them to go up to the houses. It seems weird that people now go all out to decorate and the kids just are not getting into it.
Happy Halloween to you all!

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