Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Knew It Was Coming

Yep, sure as hell I have contacted quite the cold. I've been feeling a little crummy for the past week or so and have had a bit of an itchy throat and earache. Yesterday it hit bit. Took some NyQuil last night and I was out. I love that stuff. Got up this morning and felt a little better until I walked outside and saw the snow on my car. Of course I couldn't find my scrapper so the windshield wipers had to do. During the course of the day it just got worse and worse. I now have a hideous red nose (we have cheap kleenex at work) a massive sore throat and a million things to do. (Oh, and I smell like Hall's cherry cough drops).
My parents are coming tonight and I need to pick them up and deliver them to their home away from home. I thought I'd be nice and made them some shredded beef which I can't even taste right now. I guess I'll know the outcome by the looks on their faces when they eat it.
I plan on getting rid of this thing within a day or so. Hoping it doesn't turn into that nasty hacking cough cold. Or the one where your nose gets so sore it peels and looks crusty.
I see OMW must have had a hooting time at bucket night last night as he's deleted again. I did see his post this morning.
I should try STB's trick and burn this cold out, but with my luck I'd wake up and still be sick and have a hangover on top of it. Hmmmm...I still have the 40 ouncer left from camping.


Hey Jo said...

Blame my hubby for the cold. He has been sick since the weekend.

I thought I sent him to work with a box of the good kleenex, take some of that...

djw said...

You did?!? Was there anything in it I should know?

djw said...

or anything i need to apologize for?

StB said...

My method is tried and true. Go see Dr McGillicuddy and get better.