Wednesday, October 25, 2006

24 Down/34 to Go

Doesn't make sense does it? My hours grew overnight. A ten hour Friday has been added to our work schedule. That Miller Lite Friday has now turned into a Miller Lite Saturday. I work until 1 a.m. Friday. You know when you see cartoons and they have that little dream bubble that pops? That was me today when we were told about the Friday. I felt part of a team today as the look on everyone else's face was the same as mine. I felt a little sorry for the bearer of the bad news, but we all expected it and we all have brains enough to figure out why.
I'm sitting here typing this sooo wanting to go to bed but someone has not removed himself from the bed yet. I have already listened to his alarm clock go off twice. Now I have to wait for the morning preparation of going to work so it doesn't even pay to go in there until he leaves. Our bedroom wall butts up to the bathroom so the shower sound will keep me awake.

On a more depressing note, my boarder may be with us a bit longer now. He had all his household belongings in a Public Storage and it seems it was broken into and someone furnished their home with his things. The storage place called him yesterday to let him know the lock was cut and he went down to check it out and found that he no longer needs a 8 x10 unit. He can now downsize as they took all his furniture and big screen t.v. They asked him if he had homeowners to cover it. Duh! If your furniture is in storage why the f would you have homeowners insurance. They are now telling him they have no way to track who may have stolen his stuff. They also assured him that if he kept his things in another unit it would be secure. Whatever! I think they'd be able to track by who ever scanned in. The police are involved now so maybe there's some hope.

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StB said...

Your boarder should consult an attorney. There has to be some kind of assurance in the contract that the premises are secure. I understand that securing his area in particular is his responsibility but there should be some assurance that someone cannot get onto the grounds in the first place.