Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oil Please

Apparently when you have a milestone birthday things begin to fall apart. My hip was prior to that but it could have been the start. Yesterday at work I was doing my job and needed to squat down and pick some material we ran off the floor. When I stood up "pop" I felt this pain in my knee. So I was limpy Lucy the rest of the day. This morning when I got out of bed it wasn't any better. We make a popular heated knee wrap at work and luckily our boss had a finished product one that I was able to wear all day. I must say, I'm impressed as it held the heat for 8 full hours. So what's going to be the next thing to fall apart? I'm think that maybe if I just go in for an oil change they can take care of all the loose or squeaky parts.
I'm also still fighting this cold. It's been over a week now. Like a good girl I have been taking my vitamins and trying to eat very healthy (when I'm hungry). I'm thinking that if it's not gone by this weekend I may just take STB's advice.
Well we're finally getting some overtime at work. You know that infamous expression "Careful what you ask for?" I am working second shift next week. Full blown 3-1am. We knew it was coming and I volunteered for the first week to get it over with. I knew two of the people I'd be working with and then found out the 3rd one. I should be a basket case by next Friday. Maybe I'll go with the "It'll all be okay attitude". I'll have to catch up on the daytime t.v. shows. It's been awhile since we've worked two shifts.

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J. Gambino said...

If M gives you crap at work, let me know.