Saturday, October 21, 2006


Dylan's team won their "SuperBowl" game today (13-6). They played hard and were right on it for pretty much the whole game with the exception of the one that got away. When those boys were coming off the field after the win, the looks on all their faces was priceless. It matched the looks on the parents faces. I have to say I was proud for all of them. They played like a team and they celebrated like a team. I came home and took my Tums as my stomach was churning. I know it's just a game (as I've been told) but it was a fun season and I'm glad I dedicated myself enough to go through the whole thing with him. He's such a fun kid and gets so much joy out of sports, and I get joy out of him. Enough with the mushy stuff...
I left my husband at home last night as he seems to have caught my cold. I get a chuckle over how dramatic he is when he's sick. (I think that's why I left as it drives me nuts). I went to a baby shower and then met some friends at the bar for a much deserved beer or two, or three. Had a good time. When I got home our oven was taken apart and there was a large note instructing "No One" to use the oven. He claims he put a pizza in last night and it the oven started smoking and sparking. Pretty sure the heating element went. So this morning I asked him to put it back together so I could use the range top.'s locked out. He's off cutting somebodys tree down and will look at it when he gets home. In the mean time we have a family thing at our house tomorrow and I need to cook some food. Maybe I'll get the Coleman stove out of the garage and set it up on the porch to boil the noodles I need. I know there's nothing wrong with the top of the stove. He tends to be a little dramatic about some things. Either that or he just doesn't want to deal with it. Maybe I shouldn't care...I don't have to cook.

On a horribly ugly note, I work nights next week. We got a big order at work that needs to get done by next week so we went to two- 12 hour shifts. I have the 5pm-5am shift. I am working with three guys that could quality for the 3 Stooges. I figure if I spend my week as the 3 Blind Mice I'll be okay. One stinks, One is just a dork and the third one just drives me nuts. I have to spend 48 hours with these guys. I'm hoping the week goes by fast.
Happy Sweetest Day Everyone!!

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